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Where to begin

When we take a moment to breathe and be here in your body. Allow yourself an honest look about where you are at in this exact moment! You get to embrace, embody & change. We are doing something different. I have so many different tools but the best one can simply be found here…. I have a great simple meditation id like to share with you.

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What people say about working with me?

Once upon a time I knew how to be mindful, but had forgotten. Ayla reminded me that I know how and can bring that practice back into my life. I feel like she intuitively knows exactly what questions I need to be asked to break through my un-helpful stories. Working with her is a great opportunity unless you are really comfortable with your stories and really just rather be a victim to your circumstance. 😉 Don't stay small. Grow with Ayla!
Ash Tuesday Porter
I became aware of my lack of self belief, realizing for others to love me I first need to except and learn to love myself, but its more than just becoming aware I am challenging things about myself I don't like and correcting them for the better good. Working with Ayla, It was like having some one there for you who really cares about you as a human being. sessions are informative fun and creative, that always leaves me thinking about what I have learned long after the session has ended. If you are ready to do the work working with her is a great decision.
Kenneth Cox
Ayla really helped show me how taking on the role of being the better person changes the situations in my life. Embracing what it truly means to be a leader, and lifting up others (if they wanted to join in) and showing up for others if different ways as well. This impacts other aspects of life as well, like a ripple effect. Doing the work with Ayla was enlightening-She puts a different perspective of life and different situations to help that person grow, mentally and spiritually. She is a great resource. She will always be there to help. She provides a different outlet and outlook on life.

Get to know Ayla Grace

As a retired ballerina and a former tour manager my life has been far from ordinary. I drew a line in the sand not that long ago getting honest with myself about what I wanted for me and my life. I was so unhappy that I had been meditating in a hotel room in Canada and I ever so clearly heard “buy a plane ticket to Bali!” There was no one in the room with me. I sat with it and decided to follow the direction I was given. I drew the line in the sand, gave up being a tour manager to sing my teeth into my business as a Relationship Mentor….. Get the whole story below


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The Unmentionables Society is a women’s only group!

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I am here to help support & empower women so they can shift their understanding of what female sexuality & love is.

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