“I prefer down to earth.”

To the women who like to whip it out to have a pissing contest….

I see you.
I hear you.
I honor you.
I honor your desire to feel like you are the best.
I honor your ego.

Sometimes we have to honor all parts of us even when we get triggered.
The most down to earth part is knowing that someone is acting in this way and you actively choose to honor your parts of you that are triggered.

You see I refuse to go to battle with women like this.
That is not what I believe interacting with women should be like.
It should never be a contest about who’s the best woman, coach, mom, daughter etc.

Rather a testament to insecurities of women and how they use them in a way that does not actually do anything other than perpetuate a cycle of competition. Unless, one chooses to not engage. Either way you find your tribe of people.

I do find that I am, as one would say down to earth, but I’m also well versed in spirituality and what that means as a human. It is not about being super heady and all love and light while avoiding the entire spectrum of feelings. Rather more honoring who you are, where you are at and what do you get to grow through today. How can you learn about being a human in a spiritual way.

I love the fact that I get to show women how to still be badass, down to earth and simply love themselves all around in their bodies for the best life that they could even imagine.

To me growing is about seeing the differences and similarities and knowing who your people are and knowing who they are not.
We need some tools to help us really look at the challenges.

The first key is slowing down
and when I say slow down I really mean slow down … everything that we do.
Even when we speak, slowing down the rapid fire words and thinking about what we say after we hear what someone says in their entirety.

However I truly believe women need women. to hold each others hands and to walk a path guided by another woman. An experience that does not need to be so lonely. To keep each other accountable, uplifted, tuned in and within a nurturing community of what it really means to be a woman. No one else will know what that is like and we crave such a deep connection with other women. Half the time we don’t even realize it because of what we have been told about each other.

To learn how to do that….
This is the process I take my women through:
1) It starts with knowing where you came from.
2) Then knowing where the fuck you want to go.
3) What are the stories that stop you from getting there. (whats the drama and/or trauma)
4) Honor the most powerful emotions you have.
5) Stepping into body positivity.
6) Playing around with pleasure and sex positivity.
7) Tapping into the dissonance and where the hell it is to honor and work through it.
8) Stepping fully into the light as the woman you want to become with confidence.

Its so simple and easy that I have put it together in a 4 week course
I am calling it Radiant Rebel: The Academy
We start November 1, 2018

What you get is 4 1:1 private coaching sessions with me.
A facebook group!
A members area on my website where all content will live.

Nothing better than having a community of 10 plus women to go through this course with you at the affordable price of $350.00

Click here for the payment link!
If you have any questions please EMAIL ME


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