The most humbling experience is to be able to show up, hold space, and support women so they can be empowered to step into the woman they truly desire to be!

What is it that you want in life....

Do you ever find yourself asking how you fucking got where you are?

Have you been looking for a one size fits all answer to your problems?

Are you just craving someone to be honest and real with you about your shit?

Do you ever notice yourself asking "why am I unhappy"? If I am living a life I wanted and created but it is not what I thought it would be.

I don't like women but I want more genuine female friends? 

I only get along with guys? 

Ever notice that you feel judged, unheard, unsafe, in fear & anxiety?

So you feel shame and embarrassment around your own sexuality?

Do you crave having girl friends that are open and willing to have the conversations about sex and sexuality with you without judgement?

I grew up as the one who was not valued. Over the many years I was disrespected because of being a woman, my sexuality and sensuality was treated like yesterdays news. My history of sex and relationships was less than great. There was a moment where I decided that I wanted more…..

But this is not about me…. It was and is never about me…. This is about you!

I am here to help support and empower women. So you can shift what the understanding is of your sexuality and love without fear and shame.

You will be supported through the following tools: 1:1 Coaching, Kundalini Yoga & mindfulness practices. 

It’s awesome because of the transformation you have around releasing shame around being a sensual woman. Owning your sexuality and becoming more comfortable knowing and exploring your needs from your next relationship. 


Let’s face it the reason why this is so important is because women are deserving of education.. Not just the kind you get in school. I am talking about communication, settling into your own body, knowing what pleasure you desire and how to embrace and be empowered with your own sensuality and sexuality. 


Have you ever been led to believe “boys will be boys; if he teases you then he must like you.” Not only that but the way you dress means you deserve to get comments like “you’re sexy!” Men have been raised to think that they are OKAY to send an unsolicited dick pic, a cat call & even slide into your DM saying “show me your nipples.” 

To put it simply…


As my teacher Yogi Bhajan would say “Woman is the molder; you are the molder of time, space & man; the man of tomorrow, the child; the man of today. The husband; and man of yesterday; the ancestors. The entire society in theory and really spirit is based off woman.”

3 Months of 1:1 Support

When I show up as your coach it is so much more than 1 phone call a week. I am your space holder, confidant and sister.
12x 60 min calls over the course of 3 months

Unlimited Whatsapp Support

When you work with me during the next 3 months you are really getting me on retainer. I know very few coaches who offer unlimited messenger support during the time they coach you. To me your results are as important as you decide they are. Shit does hit the fan when we don't have our call so I would much rather be there to show up and support you during those times.

FB Group Support

I encourage all my women to show up and connect in my group The Unmentionables Society. Its just a space for women to really let their hair down and show up as the divine woman that you are

Additional tools

Since what I do is all encompassing of your life I give little things to do in between calls to keep you going...
- Select Meditations
-Journal Prompts
-Training videos to watch

3 Month Overview Outline

Month 1: The Woman You Are Now & Who You Want To Become
Month 2: Body Positivity / Personal Pleasures / Masturbation / Trust
Month 3: Confidence and Next Steps

Additional Support Tools

Guided Meditation.
Training videos from my Group Coaching Program. (Coming SOON)
Facebook Group.
Unlimited whats app messenger support.
Kundalini yoga meditations and Kriyas

The things I cover and work through deeper than the 3 month overview

Consistency in all areas that are lacking.
Clarity on what spirituality is for you.
Giving a life to self-care; self-love; self- worth A 2nd nature way of being in deliberate mindfulness.
Respond Vs Reacting
Defining what the ego actually is and looks like for you.
How to improve relationships ... not just the romantic kind but also family, friendships and working relationships.
Shifting your energy & setting boundaries

How I show up and support you.

It is important for you to know that I can not do the work for you.
The results are 100% up to you.

However I do everything in my power to show up and set you up for the success and transformation you are really looking for.

During this time with me I will show up and hold space where you can let your guard down. I give guidance and alternate perspectives through solutions from a neutral space. I utilize my intuition and knowledge of spiritual principles and practices with the tools you are given.

The outline above is the CORE structure of how I do things. What is so unique about it is how I combined ever thing that I have learned and translate it into a more tangible and understandable experience so you can actually apply it. A lot of times things that are being taught are super general, challenging to understand and apply. So it is super important that when you are given information that you understand it in every part of your being so you can allow it to become a second nature practice for you!

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